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02 September 2007 @ 07:55 am
Moving plot and encouraging new threads  
To help encourage the game I have posted an ad at rpg_list.
As well, players will note the new Skrull thread, with one claiming a body. I hope this moves the plot and encourages players to post new threads.
Jubilee, Mfanwy and Pyro can post a new thread of being out in Salem and I will tag them with some action between some misbehaving humans.
I would love to see more story info on Natasha and Don.
And Peter, MJ and Ghost Rider can start a new thread with their plot.
New threads will encourage new players to join.

Speaking of players, I want to remind people of our "Semi-Active" list and "Inactive" list. I will be removing all "Inactive" players from this community on September 15 unless I see a thread from them or hear from the player. I encourage "Semi-Active" players to get active again. I have not seen any new threads in a month and hope players will feel inspired to move forward with plots.

Donald Blake (Thor): donald_blake -
Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow): redheadspy
Jubilation Lee: in_jubilation
Mfanwy Darkholme (blinkbampf): blinkbampf
Johnathan O'Dale: dogmandet
John Allerdyce (Pyro): allerdyce_john
Mystique: bluemysterygirl
Clara Powers (Night Ranger): quitechild
Rogue: southern_bella
Mary Jane Parker: mjwatson_parker
Captain Marvel: whatagoose
Spider Man: civilwarspider

Clint Barton (Hawkeye): violet_arrows
Remy LeBeau (Gambit): cajun_lebeau
Nicholas Joseph Fury: shield_topdog
Contessa Valentina de la Fontaine: contessa_val
Victor Von Doom: manoflatvaria
Ghost Rider: blazin_assassin
Bruce Banner (Hulk): meangreengeek
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